About Us

Get to know
Fibonacci Website Design

The decision to name my business

Fibonacci Website Design

was no coincidence!

I chose that name especially for the reason that Fibonacci is always striving for perfection, and that is exactly what i do.

I strive for perfection…


It is my mission to help your business grow into the company you have always dreamed of having.

I am always striving to be better, to improve my services and skills within the web design industry, in order to deliver only my very best services.

I know how difficult it is to start and run a business successfully and the importance of a suitable online presence.

Fibonacci Website Design is here to give your business a beautiful, fully responsive, search engine friendly presence online.

It is my mission to create a brighter future for:

  • The South African Economy;
  • Struggling businesses;
  • Individuals trying to make a difference;
  • Family businesses to flourish;
  • Job creation.


Is to be one of the best website design companies in Pretoria.

That provides quality and reliable web services by

  • Adhering to the highest standards and ethical practices of the industry.
  • Give 100 percent commitment. 
  • Excel in each and every project that Fibonacci Website Design undertakes.
  • Employ only the best practices and strategies of the industry.
  • Establishing excellent communication with the clients in order to keep them satisfied with my services.
  • Provide efficient services to our clients by applying elegant and robust web and mobile application solutions.
  • Incorporating the up-to-the-minute in the field of technology in web programming, website design, internet marketing, video marketing, search engine optimization and usability.


It is of great importance for a company to have principles and standards of behavior;

Fibonacci Website Design‘s core company values that shapes our culture & inspires us.

  • Integrity: Striving for honesty and having strong moral principles. Be real;
  • Honesty: Expressing positive and virtuous attributes such as, truthfulness;
  • Trust: You can firmly believe in our reliability;
  • Commitment to Customers: Utmost  important. Focus on the client and all else will follow;
  • Passion: Intense desire and enthusiasm for website design. Committed in heart and mind;
  • Continuous Learning: Striving for perfection.(Fibonacci);
  • Quality: Always keeping our clients online web presence at the degree of excellence. What we do, we do well;
  • Leadership: The courage to shape a better future.
  • Accountability: If it is to be, it’s up to me.

I would like to see my company grow and become an ambassador within this industry. 

Always striving for perfection, can only guarantee success!

To all our clients

We believe in you. Your ideas and goals can be a reality. Your business is our priority and therefor we treat you – our client – as if you were the only client we have. 

Your website matters to us, because if your business is seen relevant to your target market, then our job is done…


The best website

Every website deserves to be the best you can offer to your clients – they need to see your business online in the best way possible.

We are dedicated to making this a reality.

Be discovered by potential clients

Your website needs to be present online, in this day and age, as traditional marketing has shifted into the digital era, it is vital to gain a successful presence online, because if you are not there, your competition will definitely be satisfied with your absence. Our vision is to see you competing against your competitors on fair ground.


When clients perform a search

We know you need to be seen, and search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing need to know about you, they need to know what you are offering as a business, to your clients.

Our mission is to make – your business – visible to these search engines, as well as, your potential clients. 

Search engines

Your website needs to have the correct information and key words relevant to your business, as this is how search engines know what it is you are offering. It is our mission to guide you in creating a beautiful website, that is recognized for the visions you have for your company.


Your business will grow online

Having a well optimized website, with the relevant keywords will grow your business, as this is your virtual store and it will only be discovered if you have the relevant information about your business on your website. Our top priority is ensuring that your website is designed in such a way that you can reach your own – mission and vision – .